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Re: no more TV in the future? WTF?!

Maybe I should have phrased this differently. A lot of people seem to be getting the idea I'm talking of a television as an actual television.
I meant television as in programmes. I was talking about consuming a visual medium, to be able to watch something without having to take part in it.

It doesn't matter if you watch them on an actual TV or computer or whatever, the point I was making is people still watch programmes. The invention of games didn't stop people watching films. And I find characters portrayed by actual humans far more interesting and rewarding than artificial simulations. I don't see where having real actors could ever be considered "old-fashioned".

It's different ways at different times - sometimes you want to read, sometimes to listen, sometimes to watch and sometimes to take part. It's a lot more fun to have ALL those entertainment options than to limit yourself. There's a reason why books didn't get replaced or superceded by more modern technology, because they're a good thing. And so are television programmes.

Besides, call me a Luddite, or maybe you haven't got any decent radio stations, but I listen to mine for hours every day.
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