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Re: Anybody remember "Gargoyles"?

Of course I remember it, it was and still is one of my favourite 90s cartoons, I have the DVDs and have not given up hope that Disney will release the second half of the second season.
I also bought the official continuation comics written by Greg Weisman, they were great, I was disappointed the series ended after 12 issues and the Bad Guys spin-off after only 6, but it was great to get some new adventures and it was great having thr Gargoyled back in the castle living with Xanatos and Fox (I kow that technically happened in season 3 of the cartoon, but thatseason sucked and the comics ignored it, so I will pretend the cartoon ended after season 2).

My favorite characters were Demona and MacBeth, both villains but they were so interesting and layered. Despite all the bad things she did I always felt bad for Demona, she lived for a thousand years and was hunted, hated and saw more than one of her clans be destroyed. Of course some (but not all) of it was her own fault or consequences of her actions but even if she had tried to live in peace she still would have been a monster in the eyes of most humans, that's why I give her a little bit more slack than MacBeth, while I did like him his constant need for revenge was a little pathetic, I thought more than once that he should get over it, unlike Demona he could have lived a peaceful live pretty easily if he had chosen to do so.
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