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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

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The Data playing with the kid was pretty bad humor, or the boobs joke.
Insurrection: Don't think any of the jokes were in the least bit funny and that was the problem. There was an effort to cleanse away the serious and dark tone of First Contact but it went too far and the late 1990s were dark times and dark films were successful.

The only high point of Insurrection are the action scenes. The fight in the briar patch is pretty decent. And the same for Nemesis, the Scimitar vs. the two Rommie ships and the Enterprise E was worth the admission.

I recall seeing a lot of unhappy faces on fans' faces walking out at the end of Insurrection's premiere. It was brutal. My roommate and I convinced our other roommate to go to see a Trek movie for the first time and on the basis that First Contact rocked, we were sure the same would be true for this one. Afterwards she looked at us and said, "What the fuck, you guys?" The most entertaining element of the film for her was that hamster pet thing Data's friend had.

The funniest thing about Star Trek: Insurrection is the unproven rumor that the studio wanted to include the number in the name and Patrick Stewart pointed out to them that it would sound like the title of a pron flick: Star Trek Nine Inch Erection!!

And on a final note, the recent Star Trek TNG XXX porn had a more interesting story than either Insurrection or Nemesis combined.

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The older I get, the better the movie is. Our job is to be entertained, not keep the franchise alive. Enjoy each movie or series like it's the last one they will do. And be brutal about what they do right and what they do wrong.
Ummm... a few million Enterprise fans would like to have a word with you! I watched each episode like it was the last... and then, one day in 2005 it was the last.

Some Trek has aged better than others... but the I-X films are terrific overall. I just rewatched them all recently and found something new to appreciate in all of them.
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