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The casual fan wants a popcorn flick. I would like to see Star Trek do something unique, to try something that isn't so safe.

* introducing us to Kirk's parents

* pairing up Spock and Uhura

* killing Amanda and blowing up Vulcan.
The first ten minutes are good, but Nero was as safe as you can get. I didn't say 2009 lacked any creative juices. But at the end of the day, it was successful because it was fun--a popcorn flick. I think it's middle-of-the-road in terms of story and not who they decided to kill off or having Spock going on a revenge tour. Those are the stakes and the major plot points. It's new Trek. Was it a risk? Yes. Do they need to be patted on the back for that? No. And here's why:

Where are the voices of these characters? What did this movie say? What commentary was it attempting to reflect upon our society?

So why do I say the first ten minutes are good? Because I care about these two characters that are on-screen. It's not cheap to show a man doing his duty and talking to his wife about why he has to sacrifice himself. Military families go through this every day. She accepts that, delivers the child, they interact as wife and husband, and then say goodbye. Nero, in that scene with Robau, is how I want him throughout the film. Get rid of his dialogue, let Prime Spock tell us who and why. Everything else we can get from him just being angry. Don't say a word. Be ominous. That's taking a chance in storytelling. Let the menace be something they have to work around without a view screen.

Star Trek introduces us to our villains often. We sit down and have meals with them. We talk and talk and talk and talk. Well, we've talked to Nero before. We've seen him as Khan, Kruge, Chang, Soran, and Shinzon. I'm tired of every menace being angry and seeking revenge. His motivation makes no sense. So do without him for a movie. Let these guys prove their mettle by not responding to anything but the ship. That would've been creatively, a risk.
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