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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

I'm firmly in the "Emma should have been MJ" camp - and honestly this MJ is as far away from Comics MJ as you can get.

I mean she's cute - but I dunno, even with makeup I don't see her being this "ravishing future super model". Gwen looked more "put together" in her night gown than this one does at school.

She might surprise us - never know. BUT all I ask for is that she's got a vivacious, fun, party girl, sorta wild personality. Even if she doesn't "LOOK" like a drop dead gorgeous diva - she should at least project that. Like a "I may not be the hottest girl here, but I'm gonna have fun anyway!" sort of attitude and that's what makes her "hot".

I'm still relieved to see that they are trying to world build and do more than just explore what was set up in the first movie. It seemed like the Raimi movies sort of had all the set up in the first and the second and third basically retread on elements from the first.
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