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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I recently rewatched the fourth season episode "To The Death" and I noticed a parallel between Sisko and Dukat that helps build up to the whole Emissary/Anti-Emissary confrontation in the final episode that I hadn't noticed before. In "To The Death", Weyoun 4 offers to make Captain Sisko absolute dictator of the Federation which he refused. Later on while negotiating with the Dominion, Dukat apparently is given the offer of becoming absolute dictator of the Cardassian Union which he accepts. Such little plot threads being picked up and built on later in the series is something that makes DS9 great.
It also shows what kind of organization the Dominion is and what type of "bargaining" they do. It says as much about them for making the offer than it does for the two men and them having different reactions to that.
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