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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

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Insurrection obviously hurt the movie series. It followed the previous film, a hit, by increasing the budget and decreasing the box office. This led Paramount to budget Nemesis at ten million less than Insurrection (the first time since The Wrath of Khan that an installment in the franchise cost less than its predecessor).

Still, Nemesis was made, so Insurrection obviously didn't kill the TNG movie series. Nemesis did that. Clearly, they wanted to make another movie -- the tagline, after all, was "A Generation's Final Journey Begins" -- but neither the box office nor the reviews warranted another movie. And that was that.
Why are we so concerned about "killing the franchise?" When did we become studio executives and bean counters?

Watch the movies. Which one was more entertaining and why?

My money is on Insurrection. "Radiations to help billions" like heating homes and driving cars in today's world. "On earth, petroleum turned petty thugs into world leaders." Our relationship with the Middle East as the United States. We are the bad guys because, in the real world, we wouldn't blink at giving smallpox to the Indians in order to build a railroad.

Geordi has eyes, for cry out loud. Disease--pick one--is all gone. It's not just a fountain-of-youth. We'll have our lifespans doubled. And all we have to do is kill, or move, these 600 people. And Picard continues to hold the Federation ideals. I don't care where it falls in the universe or the nitpickers of continuity. It is a good story.

The only thing I don't like is how happy the movie is, how cheesy. And I have yet to mention how much money it made or the demo that it hit.

The older I get, the better the movie is. Our job is to be entertained, not keep the franchise alive. Enjoy each movie or series like it's the last one they will do. And be brutal about what they do right and what they do wrong.
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