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Re: The Orb - a new DS9 podcast

Remember when I said that this podcast will give me new insights as I do a rewatch? Well, I think today's episode of The Orb is the best example of why I say that. I was wondering how you were going to talk about Jadzia because she wasn't the "most" developed character on the show, and you guys gave me new insights on yeah, she really was.

Listening to your show, I really wonder if we weren't supposed to learn more about the person who became Dax, but more about Dax itself, with some hints about the host. We do learn that Jadzia is very fun, smart, and I would say sassy. However, the stuff you guys brought up makes me think I need to look harder at dax, kind of how she acts, what she does, and how she does do things from her previous hosts. It literally is Jadzia being the sum of her parts, and yeah I did noticed sometimes how she would hold her hands behind her back. Heck, I just watched The Circle Trilogy, and the scene where they get the small fighter to fly was all Tobin Dax, played in Jadzia's body.

I always hear people say the writers didn't know how to write Dax, yet listening to your show about you guys talking about how her past lives really helped Jadzia grow and develop, I have to wonder if that was the writers intent. When we got to Ezri, it was back to writing about the person, because the question was how does a person who is not ready to be joined adapt to her new environment. With Jadzia, it was really how do her past lifetimes help her shape her own, again, the literal sense of being the sum of past lives/experiences.

I used to think Jadzia was one of my favorite characters on the show, Then I saw a lot of backlash against her on this forum for a few years (it's calmed down somewhat lately) and while she was still a great character, I probably ranked her too high. Now, I think she was, as was the whole idea of Dax, a worthy character to Trek lore. Again, like you said, it was a great idea for a sci fi concept, even if they should have fleshed it out better.

I mentioned last week after watching Homecoming, The Circle and Siege that my all time favorite Jadzia Dax scene was any scene with her and Kira in the ship, flying over and through Bajor, and I really wish that friendship between the two would have stayed that strong. Did Kira come to Dax for advice? Yeah. But in terms of the whole friends thing, it really didn't work once we got to that stupid princess scene in Way of the Warrior.

Again great episode and great discussion.
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