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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

him killed eventually, because now more than ever, he must depend on others for his survival

But even that will not stop him from poisoning this situation at some point, because ultimately he will never see this version of his brother as anything but having been polluted with pussy liberalism.

His mistake is that he views what his brother has become as making him weaker, when in fact it makes him stronger, stronger than Merle has ever been or will ever be. If Merle ever realizes that, he'll be jealous, because he is a small pitiful coward hiding behind ruggedness & ruthlessness
QFT. QF absolute fucking truth. Merle's not going to become a nice guy. Merle views being merciful as being a pussy. Merle's like Shane. He thinks being ruthless makes you a leader. Merle won't be able to handle Daryl being a real man and a real leader.

TPTB, as shortsighted as they can be, aren't stupid enough to kill off Daryl. Unless Berman and Braga have been put on staff.

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