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First, don't be condescending. Second, maybe I did go overboard. My impression has been that some poster have taken the position that the Federation was despicable for "letting" Section 31 deploy a genocidal weapon, and despicable for not stopping it immediately. If that's not the case, fine. My apologies for misrepresenting the opposite viewpoint. That merely demonstrates that I don't understand the opposing view.

My position is the Founders were as legitimate a target as any Jem'Hadar foot soldier or Vorta. While the Federation didn't authorize the development or deployment of the morphogenic virus, they didn't act immediately to rectify the situation. This inaction, I think, is causing some posters to view the Federation as no better, or possibly worse, than the Dominion. I don't understand this view.

The Federation has high ideals and principles it tries to act on regularly. These high ideals were depicted regularly in TNG. In DS9, the Federation is sullied, its image tarnished. While they're trying to maintain their lofty principles, they end up getting dirty in a war, something never really done in Trek.

Section 31 acted on behalf of the UFP, even though their actions violated the ideals of the Federation, and when the good guys of the Federation found out, they didn't act immediately to live by their ideals by stopping the virus. The good guys decided to use a situation that they didn't create, but that was to their advantage. Why shouldn't they? I think some people object to the inaction of the Federation. Is that incorrect?

I say it's better to have high ideals and principles and try to live by them, even if you fail, than to die because you won't violate your principles. I gather some would disagree on this point.
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