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Re: Does season 4 of enterprise have closure like DS9's finale had?

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Ending on "Terra Prime" is the best piece of advice I could give anyone. ENT was just starting to find its feet and when it was cancelled, they go and give us "These Are The Voyages" to end with? Major step back.

If it had been a future episode (set in 2161) and just ignored the Riker and Troi stuff it could have been halfway decent.
What were they thinking having Riker and Troi in the episode anyway? Watching TATV and Pegasus back to back is so disorienting. You can't help but conclude that Berman and Braga were high when they thought this lazy attempt would swing with fans. Valentine to the fans my ass. Why not set it post Nemesis? Instead of trying to ignore the fact the actors had aged 11 years since the tie-in episode it's connected to first aired. Maybe TATV is in an alternate universe where the ENT-D was never destroyed and the Pegasus story happened years later than it did in the prime timeline.
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