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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

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All of the actual scenes featuring Castle, Alexis and Grandpa (and Canadian actor Chris "Todd from Atlantis" Heyerdahl as the French spy guy) were filmed in New York or on greenscreen, but the exchange was the only thing filmed in Paris. I'm guessing they used a double for "Sara" and kept her on a fuzzy screen without dialogue to hide the fact it wasn't the same actor.
There were some other exterior shots that seem to have been filmed in Paris, like Castle approaching the cathedral. But we couldn't see his face in those shots, so it was probably a photo double. This is a common technique for faking the presence of your actors in a distant location -- film some long-range location shots with lookalikes in the real location, then do tight or interior shots of your actors back on the soundstage. If you don't see their faces in the long shots, it's a giveaway.

The episode was a little disappointing as it had little Caskett interaction, which is why I watch this show...
Yeah, Beckett did kind of disappear after figuring out what Castle was already on the verge of discovering independently (and what many of us had no doubt figured out last week), that Alexis was the real target. So that kind of fizzled out. I would've liked to see more cooperation, with the cops contributing meaningfully somehow to the resolution despite being back in NYC.
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