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Re: Who were the main characters?

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We're obviously just going back and forth over semantics here, but I would point out that your definition doesn't fit certain contemporary series like The West Wing and 24 which had large ensembles of regulars, but didn't feature every one of those actors in each episode.
And I didn't intend it to, because we're talking about a 1960s television series, not a 21st-century series. The ways in which the definition has begun to evolve in recent years as television has become more ensemble-driven are not relevant to the topic of TOS and which of its cast members qualified as regulars.

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so the movies should have brought in young people with new character names in 1979.
Which, of course, was the intention of ""Phase II": Decker, Ilia and Xon. And later movies (when begun, ST II was to have been a telemovie) adding a male "Dr Savik", who became the female Saavik, and Kirk's son, originally Dr David Wallace (his mother was from "The Deadly Years").
Yes, the original idea was to gradually phase out the TOS cast and phase in a new, younger cast to take over the franchise. Instead, as the movies progressed, it was the new characters that got written out and the old guard that kept coming back. Presumably because the audience wanted to see the familiar characters and so nostalgia won out.
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