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Because that's what defined Khan's *wrath* in The WRATH of Khan!
They're not remaking The Wrath of Khan.
I'm not saying they are. But recycling Khan because he is "Khan" -- without including the big impact the character had on the Trek universe -- doesn't make that much sense (other than some "nod" to the fans).

Furthermore, I think it would majorly backfire, for the reasons I listed. Khan's major role in Trekdom was as Kirk's foil.

Off-screen ethos? Have you seen the movie?... .
You mean a planet exploded and his wife died on screen? You're right. I guess I haven't seen it.
Whether you *saw* it or not doesn't change the fact that it was an explicit part of the story.

How do you know? Did you see it? Terrell said Khan did, but Terrell also had a magic space slug in his ear. For all you know, he was lying.
So, who trashed Regular One? Terrell and Chekov?

He lifted nothing that a "normal" fit human couldn't lift under an adrenalin rush--unlike Cumby, who've already seen swing a significantly larger object around like a whiffle bat.
He lifted Chekov clean off the ground with one hand (that one *was* on-screen). And the "bat" Cumberbatch wields, as some else pointed out, is a gun.

Really, though, the fact is the character has never been used to the fullest of his potential. That's why the redo.
I simply don't see what's left to use. He'd become a supervillain with superpowers, and would basically be someone the Avengers need to stop. In that sense, why do we need Khan again? Make him someone else.
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