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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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How much was in JMS's pitch/package to Paramount? Did he include every single trap door and branching storyline? The series was originally about Sinclair,
. Instead, they just moved that up and crafted a totally new ending for Sheridan IIRC.
Nope. That's a common assumption that's completely wrong.

As for what JMS gave to Paramount, it would be the series Treatment, the Pilot script, some concept art by Peter Ledger and probably a dozen or so episode pitches.

As for another poster's comment about a shapeshifter, the early drafts of 'The Gathering' did indeed feature a shape shifter which was changed to the assassin using the changeling net at WBs request. But it would pretty certainly have been in the script accompanying the series treatment.

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