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All Klingons can do is wave pointy objects and chant gutturally about honor and death. Apparently.
That's TNG's fault. Who's to say what Klingons can and can't be? Before TNG came along, they weren't like that at all.
True - before TNG they were mustache-twirling fascists from a propagandistic war movie.
You say that like it's a bad thing.

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They're using the Klingons in this movie anyway, but choosing them as an adversary is in no way "thinking outside the box." Using Khan is far more daring than dragging the bumpheads out of the costume closet One...More...Time!
I don't know really. I see the new universe as a real opportunity to retcon the Klingons away from all that crap TNG did with them, to really open them up as actual villains again. To say that Klingons are a bad choice is almost as insular as those (other) people here who say that bringing back Khan limits what can be done with that villain versus using a brand new one. Both Khan and the Klingons are each capable of being much more than what we currently think of them as being. We're conditioned, as fans, to think of Klingons as being Space Vikings. Why not wind the clock back? Let's use the more simplisitic portrayal of them in TOS as a template for a brand new type of Klingon. Open up the Klingons again, with a fleet of rival starships, a ruthless darker reflection on a Starfleet-style superpower. Let's forget about the shitty ritualistic crap that TNG (and DS9) foisted on us. Just give them ships and make them a viable enemy again, instead of those hideous caricatures who prattle on about Blood Wine and Death With Honor that we've had to deal with ever since Ron Moore got his hands on them.

I do appreciate what you're saying though, vis-a-vis the way Klingons have been waaaaaay over used (out of twelve movies, they've been either seen or mentioned in nine of them - in fact, all twelve if we count Worf ). I'd like to see them used properly as badass enemies again, but Khan is definitely a (relatively) cleaner slate to work from, having only appeared twice before.
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