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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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She looks like a real world girl, not a pin up. They might pretty her up a bit more.
But I can buy her as a high school student. She looks a bit like an older Ginny Weasley...
MJ, however, is supposed to be gorgeous and way out of Peter's league. Emma Stone is much more of a MJ type than this girl is. She's cute and everything but she's not the super-model, drop-dead, gorgeous that MJ is supposed to be.

It's pretty terrible casting, IMHO.
I'm afraid that I have to agree, despite the fact that Shaylene is cute as hell. IMO, both sets of Spider-movies have cast perfect Mary Janes... except they both casted them as Gwen Stacy.
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Did an image search for her on Google.

She's hot enough for the part.
Having made a similar search, I withdraw my previous objection and now tend to agree with My Name is Legion. I will withhold final judgement until I see actual shots from the movie.
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