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Khan is safe and free of thought.
Why, because you say so? You're mistaken.

No one would accept a Batman series of movies without "the Joker."
Says who?

The same cannot be said for Star Trek and Khan.
It doesn't have to be. If the studio and producers think that Khan is the character who will draw the most positive attention and publicity to the movie, that's reason enough to consider him.

It's not like Star Trek has a history replete with awesome antagonists, after all, which is why when they come up with one that works - say, the Borg - they go back to that well over, and over, and over.

Khan's been used in one movie. Klingons have been used in - God, how many? Enough with the Klingons and Romulans and other bumpy-headed caricatures - another advantage that Khan has for the broader audience is that he is a human being, from Earth, who because he is a man nearly of our own era is relatable and whose back story can be made to encompass all kinds of contemporary issues and angst.

All Klingons can do is wave pointy objects and chant gutturally about honor and death. Apparently.
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