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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

Did somebody have a question about Netflix's international strategy?

Asked about Netflix's international strategy, he said the firm will take a breather in terms of new market launches in the first half of 2013 but continue to focus on Europe. "We'll be ambitious again going forward," Hastings said without disclosing details. "We are growing internationally. We are going to continue to invest."

He said that in each foreign market the company faces competitors, such as Amazon and BSkyB, that have money to spend. But the executive emphasized that pushing for a strong market position is key. "We have somewhat deep pockets" as well, Hastings said. "If you are the one that has gotten to scale, you have a heck of a franchise. So we are pushing hard at that."
They haven't forgotten about taking over the world (they are a technology company, after all) but it must be a chore to negotiate rights of thousands of movies and TV shows in each territory. And they have to look at each region separately and come up with a launch plan because the competitive situation is different in each country.
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