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Why does anyone assume a movie with Khan as the villain has anything to do with TWOK?

Tim Burton made a Batman movie featuring the Joker. Big success. Many years later Nolan made another. What did the movies have in common? Not much.

Khan is by far the best-known antagonist in Star Trek to the general audience. That is reason enough to use him. That said, TWOK was far from the most interesting story that can be constructed around such a character.
Khan is safe and free of thought. No one would accept a Batman series of movies without "the Joker." The same cannot be said for Star Trek and Khan. The only way I would hate them doing Khan is if they try to recapture the magic of Khan by ripping off Khan the way that Nemesis, Nero in 2009, etc. He set the tone for the rest of the movies, which sucks. You can't talk to a space blob, a piece of CGI, but it makes it more interesting to me because it's "strange, new life," and it usually can't be reasoned with. It's about the characters proving their mettle, using their brains, with their brawn. How would McCoy approach this problem? It says something about the character, their position on the ship. Instead, in '09, they split up the natural conclusions between the characters when they are postulating who Nero is and what he wants.
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