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Re: Why Khan?

WarpFactorZ wrote: View Post
It seems like the speculation that the villain in STID is Khan has been going on since before the movie was even planned. I have one question for those of you who still support this theory: WHY SHOULD IT BE HIM?
Because the writers realised that their next script was "Star Trek 2" - and they'd already joked that, in this new timeline, they could encounter old foes and we'd see events play out differently.

If someone does/did encounter Khan's sleeper ship, at some time after Nero's arrival, anything could have happened... with a result totally different to "Space Seed".

What drove the drama in TWOK was the PERSONAL agenda Khan had against Kirk, an urge for vengeance that festered for 15 years on Ceti Alpha V after seeing his crew and loved ones destroyed.
And irrelevant in this new timeline. The drama will be different, the agendas will be different.

But Khan - and Klingons - are certainly Star Trek antagonists with a very high public profile. Free publicity!

Lance wrote: View Post
... is something I really like the sound of. The implication of lots of missions between ST09 and this, possibly even getting to see some of those missions...
Which is what they've been doing in the IDW comic. People complaining to Pike that Kirk needed reigning in. Now, only about 2% of the audience has read those comics, but the movie will no doubt show us more evidence. The scenes in the red forest may be another incident.
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