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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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MJ, however, is supposed to be gorgeous and way out of Peter's league. Emma Stone is much more of a MJ type than this girl is. She's cute and everything but she's not the super-model, drop-dead, gorgeous that MJ is supposed to be.

It's pretty terrible casting, IMHO.
Except that movie characters are frequently not the same as their comics counterparts, as we've seen time and time again. Heck, Raimi's MJ was pretty revisionist herself -- she was never a supermodel or a movie actress, but focused on theater, a direction that the comics' MJ never began to explore until two years after the first movie. And she never had the party-girl personality of the comics' MJ. Plus Peter knew her in high school.

So we can't assume this movie's version of MJ will be a copy of the comics' version any more than Dunst's MJ was. Maybe this is perfect casting for the version of MJ that this movie has created.

And if anyone's thinking that Gwen isn't supposed to be just as hot as MJ, you need to do some remedial reading. Gwen was introduced in her very first panel as "the ex-beauty queen of Standard High, as if you couldn't tell!" Although Ditko couldn't sell it the way Romita could. Note that that panel of Gwen dancing takes place while she's at a party with MJ, and depicts her quite successfully stealing the spotlight from MJ's dancing. There seems to be a perception these days that Gwen was supposed to be the plainer, more girl-next-door type, but the fact is that she was always meant to be every bit as stunning as MJ. Her nickname was even "Gorgeous Gwendy." She filled the role of the stunner who was out of Peter's league well before MJ became a featured character.
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