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Wait wait wait... I want in, too... Quark.

Most everyone else on DS9 pronounces it "qu-ARK" as in Noah's ARK.

Odo pronounces it "qWARk", as in Dominion WAR, as if it's "qwOARk".

Does it matter? Is there a difference? Does anyone else notice? Anyone care??
At least twice in ST series, a character has had a father with a far cooler name.

Kurn's adoptive father was the aristocratic-sounding "Lorg".

Jumping over to Keeping Up With The Cardassians (AKA DS9), Quark had the more-striking "Keldar" for a father.

I'd also argue that "Sarek" sounds a lot less like an electrical kitchen implement than "Spock", but the volume of resulting hate mail might overwhelm the site.
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