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Why does he need a "beef" with Kirk?
Because that's what defined Khan's *wrath* in The WRATH of Khan!

What drove Khan in TWOK was Montalban acting chops. All that nonsense you spouted was just something extrapolated from the off-screen ethos that Meyer threw in there to provide some evidence of a plot.
Off-screen ethos? Have you seen the movie? Did you miss Khan's background explanation of why they weren't on Ceti Alpha VI? The Ceti Eels, his crew, his beloved wife? That was hardly off-screen.

Really, Khan of TWOK could have just have easily been "bland villain #230975." All the stuff that made him interesting as a villain and work as a formidable advisory was left back in "Space Seed." The Khan of TWOK was neither physically superior nor intelligent. Those are ingredients that can work in any capacity, and if Bad Robot plans on using them, they may as well use ones that are familiar.
I disagree. Khan's superhuman abilities were highlighted, but aside from his intellect and learning curve, there's not a lot he can do with them on a starship. They did overpower the entire crew of Regula One, though, and he does some pretty heavy power-lifting on the Reliant. Also, there's that thing about surviving 15 years in a completely hostile environment...

Anyway, despite these super advantages, it was his *human* ego that was his downfall. THAT's the point of TWOK, and THAT's what made Khan a complex villain.

In Space Seed, aside from throwing people against a wall and locking Kirk in a barometric chamber, how did he display his superior intellect?
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