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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 73: Where the corridors have no name...

FIRST: Are you drunk, Second?
SECOND: My orders do not include not getting drunk.
FIRST: We don't even drink!
SECOND: We don't have to drink. Big difference.
FIRST: Quark! Two kinars.

DAX: You rated Trills only a 7?!
WORF: That is quite a high rating. I only rated Betazoids a 4.

QUARK: Is that really what the station's wiring looks like?
O'BRIEN: No. This week we're trading sets with a 1960s B-movie.

The female changeling enjoyed the solid's version of intimacy more than she led on.

Sisko and Kira manage to keep looking earnest while Dax shows them the Klingon romance holonovel she wrote where she's the Klingon main character. O'Brien in the background starts to giggle.
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