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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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MJ, however, is supposed to be gorgeous and way out of Peter's league. Emma Stone is much more of a MJ type than this girl is. She's cute and everything but she's not the super-model, drop-dead, gorgeous that MJ is supposed to be.

It's pretty terrible casting, IMHO.

There's something wrong if your Gwen Stacey portrayal looks hotter than your Mary Jane.

She looks like plain Jane. MJ's suppose to be this perfect 10 with family issues
Agreed. Again, not to malign the looks of this young woman (and who knows what stage makeup will do to her) but MJ is supposed to be the epitome of the Perfect 10. The only reason why she's even aware of the existence of Peter Parker is because they were neighbors and because Aunt May was trying to play matchmaker.

I don't think this girl quite fits the "look" of the Perfect-10 Mary Jane. Again, she's pretty and everything but just from the pictures I've seen of her alone she doesn't really seem to fit the "look" of MJ common in comics. MJ is supposed to be stop-your-heart gorgeous. Which is pretty much what happens when Peter finally meets her face-to-face.

I don't feel this girl quite has this quality. But, we'll see. Maybe it'll be pulled off. I wonder if, then, they'll do the "Death of Gwen Stacy" storyline with Green Goblin's Sophie's Choice Gambit. I'd hate to lose Emma Stone in this franchise but if they did that storyline I'll be highly impressed.

-- Looking at more pictures of her it does seem with enough hair/make-up work she can be the gorgeous Perfect-10 expected of MJ. It's possible these more candid stage shots just aren't serving her well.
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