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My girlfriend and I watch this show religiously, and I've been telling her since Merle got reintroduced that they're going to kill off Daryl and replace him with Merle.

I've noticed the trend. Introduce Oscar, kill off T-Dogg. Introduce Tyrese, kill off Oscar. Introduce Herschel, kill off Dale. There's usually a new similar character that shows up just as one character is about to die. And Daryl is too likable to keep around. There can be only one redneck in the group. Everybody wants Meryl to get it, but, mark my words, it'll be Daryl.
I do not see Merle as a replacement for Daryl, as they were/are different personalities from the start. no matter what happens, Merle would not have the background of a victim, like Daryl

For that matter, I do not see that much of an exchange of similar characters elsewhere. For example, Herschel was introduced, but he's nothing like Dale, who under no circumstances rationalized killing enemies if push came to shove.

Herschel might argue in favor of running, but he would not hesitate to shoot anyone threatening his family. Dale's left mindset reject that right up to the moment he dies.

T-Dog and Oscar were also different other than being African American and male; T-Dog had a sympathetic view of others (well, not Merle), and felt he was on the outside of the group from time to time. Oscar was at home at the prison, no matter what he was in for, and was not a second fiddle.
But we already got the notion that Merle is a victim in his exchange with Daryl in last week's episode after Rick told them under no circumstances would Merle be allowed back in the group. Daryl mentions something about Merle leaving (which I'm assuming has something to do with an abusive father figure), and Merle acts shocked that Daryl had stayed around to endure such an abusive relationship.
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