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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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im sorry but seth's joke that was brought up from the Oscars was in 2015 he joins the LA gay men's choir.

completely different from your joke that the gay was cured long before the setting of your film. you know who else wanted to cure a minority from the earth? Hitler.

The joke at the Oscars was that Seth would be "coming out of the closet" in 2015, by joining the Gay Men's Choir. Seth has been rumoured to be gay for years, and he played up on that with that joke. It was funny, and it got a laugh.

As for this fan film, the joke, from how I interpreted it, was that homosexuality wasn't cured at all. The bridge crew where telling themselves that it was, because the characters are a bunch of ignorant jackasses. The Director said that he knows the idea of homosexuality being "cured" is ridiculous, and that they played up on that ridiculousness by joking about it.

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