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Re: Kirk And The Prime Directive In STID ???

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Is anyone else thinking that kirk properly fails the prime directive on the plant niruba at the start of the film ??? IMO I think he does make a mess of the mission jeopardising his ship crew and 1st officer aka Spock and damaging or destroying first contact with this native Species of the planet.

We know Spock was and is trying to stop a volcano from blowing up, I think that kirk fails this mission and is told to report to earth for punishment and that's when we see the attack on earth and BC character killing possibly pike ?? Your thoughts people ??
could be that the shots we see of the Enterprise falling are after its been hovering over the volcano to rescue Spock. they think they've succeeded but the damage forces the ship to crash land on Niruba and Starfleet are put in a position of sending in a substantial rescue mission for the Enterprise crew...completely screwing the Prime Directive
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