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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

Didn't Battlestar Galactica basically do all those audio commentaries at the time? For online purposes? Doctor Who (2005-2010) did much the same thing, with a repeat TV screening getting a three-handed discussion to listen to via BBCi red button. Those would just get transferred to DVD.

Star Trek was only dipping a toe into that back in 2005, when the official site provided commentaries for "In a Mirror, Darkly". A shame it got cancelled when it did, since they were just beginning to do that, with cast members recording special greetings and what not. Not to mention the huge amount of illegal torrenting that went on, before TV shows went online big time.

A different pattern is Classic Doctor Who, the earliest of which is 50 years and latest 17. But they get 99% audio commentaries, rounding up some main & guest cast members on a regular basis. But that's because their stories are released individually and presumably have profits to continually plough back. Kind of like "Best of Both Worlds" being the norm and only an hour and a half to two hours' worth of main feature per DVD release.

That level of special features laiden disc is pretty much unique. I can't imagine that with Star Trek. Like going back in time to the regular monthly VHS containing only 2 or 3 episodes. Sometimes buying a medicore show during the mid-to-late season lull. Even if they had unprecidented and comprehensive VAM packages, and non-stop cast/producer apologising on the audio track!

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