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Re: TOS movie era Novels?

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1. DC Comics vol.2 uses a Pike era crew that matches up with D.C. Fontana's Vulcan Glory (namely Scotty)
Well, yeah, Scotty's there, but otherwise I don't think it quite fits, since there are multiple Vulcans in the crew in Vulcan's Glory, while in the comic, the dialogue implies that Spock is the only one and that the crew aren't used to having a Vulcan officer around.

Also, I know that Saavik's backstory was explored in Vol.1 of DC, but was it ever mentioned in Vol.2? If so, how does each presentation compare to Pandora's Principle or Unspoken Truth?
Issue #51 alludes to Saavik being half-Romulan. As I said, all the tie-ins follow Vonda McIntyre's lead on that. I don't think we got any extensive backstory flashbacks, though.

And finally, Peter David and Howard Weinstein were the two ongoing writers of DC Vol.2 Do their respective TOS novels and short stories stay consistent with their stories in the comics?
The Rift?
Captain's Daughter?
The Covenant of the Crown?
Deep Domain?
The Better Man?
Official Record?
Mere Anarchy: Blood Rimmed Tide?
As you say, The Blood-Dimmed Tide does fit pretty well into Howie's post-STV comics continuity, but the others are all in the era between TMP and TWOK, and Covenant and Domain preceded Howie's comics work. I don't think there's any real continuity there, though I can't think of any specific contradictions either.

As for PAD's books, I can't think of any specific cross-references between them and his comics. Unless it's Meyer and Boyajian, the bit players who show up in most of his fiction, usually as security guards in his Trek works. There's a transporter chief "Tooch" in The Rift who was presumably supposed to be Tuchinsky but had her name changed because the tie-ins weren't allowed any continuity at the time.
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