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Re: TOS movie era Novels?

So far, fom what I've read hear and on my own it appears that although there may be inconsistencies between DC Comics vol. 2 and the TOS novels, there are also major tie-ins between them as well. For example:

1. DC Comics vol.2 uses a Pike era crew that matches up with D.C. Fontana's Vulcan Glory (namely Scotty)
2. Kirk's Kobayashi Maru test is shown as the same in #73 and in the novel Kobayashi Maru
3. Howard Weinstein was the second ongoing writer of Vol.2 and continued using Tuchinsky and Saavik as crew members in his Mere Anarchy story.

Were there any other strong links or connections between any novels and DC vol.2

Also, I know that Saavik's backstory was explored in Vol.1 of DC, but was it ever mentioned in Vol.2? If so, how does each presentation compare to Pandora's Principle or Unspoken Truth?

And finally, Peter David and Howard Weinstein were the two ongoing writers of DC Vol.2 Do their respective TOS novels and short stories stay consistent with their stories in the comics?
The Rift?
Captain's Daughter?
The Covenant of the Crown?
Deep Domain?
The Better Man?
Official Record?
Mere Anarchy: Blood Rimmed Tide?

Thanks and have fun,
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