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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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I'm glad it doesn't look like a human-shaped basketball anymore, but it still looks implausibly high-tech for something a high-schooler put together in his bedroom. The web pattern should be more of a silkscreen sort of thing dyed into the fabric, not this raised rubber layer..
The raised rubber webbing is doable at home with a bit of ingenuity. It's possible to reproduce the effect (and cosplayers have) using this rubbery "puff" fabric paint sold at sewing stores. It's a huge investment of time to outline all the webs by hand, but you can in effect sit in your bedroom and do it for very little monetary cost.

The more implausible part is, in fact, the silk-screened dye pattern, which require a process called dye sublimation to make and does have to be handled professionally.

Peter could save up the money and go to a shop. He tells the designer he's making a spider-man costume for Halloween

Best costume gets first prize of 300 dollars(lie)

Or it's for a children's hospital

Suit gets made.

Spider-man moves so fast the designer won't even be able to tell its their costume.
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