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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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The raised rubber webbing is doable at home with a bit of ingenuity. It's possible to reproduce the effect (and cosplayers have) using this rubbery "puff" fabric paint sold at sewing stores. It's a huge investment of time to outline all the webs by hand, but you can in effect sit in your bedroom and do it for very little monetary cost.

The more implausible part is, in fact, the silk-screened dye pattern, which require a process called dye sublimation to make and does have to be handled professionally.
Interesting, though from what I can find online, the puff paint's lines don't look quite as smooth and molded as the ones in the poster. Although I guess I can buy the "bit of ingenuity" thing better here than I can with Maguire, because this Peter Parker is more clearly a gifted inventor and scientist than his screen predecessor.

But I liked the way TASM suggested that Peter bought a pre-existing spandex athletic outfit with a fancy pattern built in and modified it with the mask and spider detailing. For all I quip about the "basketball" look, at least that texture looked as though it might be somewhat functional and high-tech rather than just decorative.
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