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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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Which is probably the thing that worries me the most about the Disney takeover: the Mouse is a damned whore. He'll greenlight anything that the guys in the Magic Castle think will make them a few bucks.

I'm not implying a KOTOR movie might not be good or even wonderful, but I just don't want every single nook and cranny of the Star Wars universe to start demanding its own big-budget, two-hour epic. Overkill of even the best things is not only possible but happens.
Maybe they're only exploring which nooks and crannies will make the best movies? I could see them ordering people to come up with loads of proposals and then cherrypick the ones that seem the most promising. So although all these movies are rumoured I imagine only a handful will get made.

I can imagine a scenario sort of like what happened with the X-Men films, where they were going to do a lot of origin stories but in the end we got X-Men: First Class.
I think it's worth keeping in mind that everything we've heard about the spin-offs has just been rumors so far. I don't think anything beyond the new trilogy has been officially announced.
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