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Re: Kirk And The Prime Directive In STID ???

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To true KD I watched Return Of The Archons last night and Spock told kirk several times in that episode about breaking the PD ???? I wonder how many times kirk broke the PD in TOS surly he would have been Reprimanded by starfleet after a couple of times I'm sure kirk had accountabilities for his ship and crews actions during PD situations don't u think ??
According to Star Trek: Voyager, there are forty-seven subsections of the Prime Directive. Likely one of those subsections deals with cultures that may seem primitive on the surface but are being controlled by A.I.'s that have incredible powers at their disposal and can be considered hazards to orbital vehicles. Another likely deals with what happens when you come into a situation where another Federation ship has already interfered.

The Prime Directive was never as cut-and-dry as some like to make it seem.
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