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Shadow Fleet - a Star Trek forum based RPG


Shadow Fleet is a forum-based Star Trek role-playing game set in the late-24th century (after Star Trek Nemesis in the Star Trek timeline). Our fleet is made up of players from a variety of different backgrounds who have come together to contribute their own unique point-of-view to a storyline in one of our SIMMs, usually set aboard a Starfleet vessel.

We are a very structured RPG with rules and regulations that are there to ensure a positive role-playing experience is had by all. However, this does not mean there is not fun to be had! During your time as a member on one of our SIMMs, you will be able to grow and expand your character in many ways, including the opportunity to progress through the Starfleet rank structure with the promise of real certificates, ribbons and rewards for good effort and positive contribution. The very best players will even make it to Commander Level Officer status and take command of a SIMM, leading the players beneath them, not just in-character, but also from an out-of-character perspective by planning missions, dealing with player disputes and organizing SIMM-based special events.

What makes us different to the other RPGs out there is our sense of community. With all of our SIMMs contained on one forum, our members are free to interact with everyone in the fleet on some level, making for some great discussions and fostering friendships that perhaps wouldn't otherwise occur. By having this type of organization, it is also easier to transfer players between ships allowing for experience of different posting styles and command types, making for a real mixing pot of characters.

After reading this you feel you want to join our fleet, simply head along to our forum and create an account. From there, click on the "Fleet Applications - Join Here!" board (highlighted in orange) and have a read of the "Notes for submitting your application" topic. After reading through this, should you have any questions, feel free to email us or check out our help files for more information.

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