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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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If the first torpedo hit the impulse exhaust without shields, its easy to see a power surge destroying every EPS counduit through the entire ship.

How's that fer some nerd speak?

But let us be serious for a moment here...

When Kirk fired that torpedo at an unshielded impulse exhaust port, he should've had no doubt that it would be a crippling blow (which we see as there are explosions in multiple parts of the ship). The design itself was a decade plus old at least, one of Starfleet's best engineers got the chance to study one up close and personal for three months and it's likely that Starfleet retrieved the remains of the one Kirk crashed into the bay and gave it careful study.

Anyone arguing that one Kirk's "fire everything" is anymore respectable than anothers is simply deluding themselves.
Hey, as I said, Nu Kirk's attack is/was no worse than Prime Kirk 's tricking Kruge's men into beaming over then destroying the Enterprise and giving them no chance to escape. Prime Kirk would have pulled the trigger on Nero too. Hell after nuking Vulcan, I seriously doubt that he would have even made the offer to save Nero's ass.
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