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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 73: Where the corridors have no name...

Quark: The Rigelian Lobster? Someone's putting out tonight.

Dax: Sorry Worf, looks like they're going with Kira for the part of Annie.

Worf: yIn vIq 'Igh San! It's a hard luck life!

Dax: Better, I suppose, in the original Klingon?

Quark: Why no, I can't imagine how waste reclamation got rerouted into the food replicators. I've been too busy polishing my empty tip jar.

Do you want the happy ending, Major?
Yes please.
<Odo leaves>.

Dax: So you see, there's no adjusting the Cardassian humidity levels. I'm afraid we're all going to have bad hair days for the foreseeable future.

O'Brien: At least we won't have to put up with the glare from aurora baldyalis like on the Enterprise bridge.

Sisko: Hmmm....

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