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Re: VOY getting a remaster to HD possibility within 5 years?

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I remember hearing that before they shot Enterprise season 1 they put an HD camera on the set of VOY in season 7 for a side-by-side comparison.
I think i was on a special feature of ENT dvd season 1.
I'd like to see that footage in HD.
Well it looks like the footage is probably around as the ENT tests were just located:

you know that in Season Four, they changed over from 35MM to high-def? I found Marvin Rush’s camera tests – all the HD camera tests he did, before they decided to go with high-def. Hopefully we can do something with that down the road for year four. I mention that so you know we’re finding stuff every day.
The ENT producers were actually considering in 2001 to shoot the entire ENT series in digital HD at the time. The cameras available were very minimal and George Lucas had just shot Star Wars Ep.2 AOTC on the Sony F-900 camera in 2000 and with re-shoots in 2001.
Only 1 other TV show was shot being Titus (2000) was shot around then in on HD cameras and it was a multi-camera in-studio sit-com. Producers knew things were moving that way for VFX and it was much cheaper.

TrekCore: How does this stuff exist? I know that the reels of film for The Next Generation were kept in this big salt mine – how is the stuff that Angelo is finding existing? Where is it?
Roger Lay, Jr.: A lot of it was in the same underground storage facility as the episode negs. It’s all in these boxes, and each box has, sometimes film elements; sometimes tape elements, a lot of this stuff is on tape, obviously. The great thing about it is that every box has an inventory list. Everything was catalogued really nicely on Star Trek.
from this week's Trekcore 3-part article about ENT blu-ray seasons special features that interviewed Roger Lay, Jr. the guy who is producing the bonus features (VAM "value-added-material") on both TNG and ENT's new Blu-Ray releases.

It would be so cool to see a live-action scene shot in 2001 from season 7 of VOY in HD shot with a Sony F-900 HD camera with the production audio and then played again with audio synced up from the final sound mix.
It would be the only thing from VOY shot on digital HD in-camera.

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