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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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I am a non stereotypical gay male and I do find this offensive, the gay cure joke my question to those on here that are defending this joke: Do you really think being gay is a disease? Is this Troi character really how you view all people of the LGTBQ community? Does this mean you want to cure me and all of the people of the community?
Of course we don't think that homosexuality is a disease.
Troy isn't how we view the LGTBQ community. All the characters are all different in their own ways including the skirt chasing robot, the closeted Captain and the Klingon who likes to be addressed as Mom. I don't want to "cure" homosexuality. The joke is that people being "cured" of their homosexuality is a silly archaic notion and when played in an Utopian future setting, it's immediately juxtaposed with what actually is happening. You're supposed to laugh at the ludicrousness of it all.

That might not be a good excuse to you but honestly nobody knows what's funny or how people will react until people see it.

Also, you can't say I can't make these jokes based on that people don't know my background and then defend another person making equally offensive jokes by giving a piece of information from their background.
So in short: We don't hate gay people. We don't think you're diseased and Troy doesn't represent your entire community.
We're just a few guys looking to get a laugh.
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