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Re: Charlie Brooker Black Mirror

And lo, another story where you could remove the technology...

Seriously that wasn't bad, it was just...well not much of anything really. I just sat there thinking "What is Brooker's point?" I may have detested The History of us last year, but at least there was an idea behind it.

And, oh look it's another Brooker Mary Sue, the angry man who's successful and oh it's so horrible to be him. Seriously does Brooker want us to feel sorry for him? And the short hand for the candidates was frankly offensive, I'm surprised Monroe didn't wear a smoking jacket and the Labour woman wasn't on an old bike and wearing a flat cap.

One redeeming moment was Monroe's throw away line "It built these roads..." which almost made the rest worthwhile...almost.

Oh and then the CIA turned up...and then Waldo took over the

Seriously I think if there's a 3rd series Konnie Huq should write it given she was involved in writing the best episode of the six by far...
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