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Re: Season 1 weirdness: "The Last Outpost"

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Who's going to remember it? A fucking android ought to.
Garbage in, garbage out. Data only knows what the databanks tell him. If the databanks are in error, so he will be, too.

You can believe that they did it on purpose if you want to, but this is a mistake, and not a deliberate one. As if Data would mention a flag and get it wrong. What would be the point, anyway?
To showcase that it's three centuries in the future. Can you name the colors of flags from countries of the 18th century?

I know it's a little pedantic, but I do hate it when they fuck up the little things. I support suspension of disbelief, but it always annoys me when the historical details are wrong. Change history, by all means, but don't make it look like you don't know what you're on about.
All I can say is, the writers might be wrong, or the characters might be wrong. You can pick which one you prefer, but you don't know the writers got it wrong unless they admit it. Sometimes characters get it wrong because the writer wants them to get it wrong.
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