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Re: Sorrows of the Empire

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Open spoliers ahead for TSOE

I greatly enjoyed "Sorrows" and was kind of sorry after reading the short version that the critical events in the MU timeline were not given the "full novel" treatment.
I know exactly what you mean.

Was annoying how it skipped years at a time and you had to guess what had happened by using the next stage of the narrative.

Still, I have skipped the long version for now and will come back to it when I finish the whole arc.

New question:

I am now reading the next book: Obsidian Alliances.
The second story (Cutting Ties) is based on characters from New Frontier.
Is not knowing that series going to screw-up the read?
I would definitely read the novel length version of TSoE before you read any of the stuff published after it. I'm pretty sure the stuff after it continues from it, rather than the novella.
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