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Re: Season 1 weirdness: "The Last Outpost"

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Data's knowledge is flawed anyway, as in this episode, he quotes the colors of the German flag in the wrong order.
Really? I don't remember that. This sort of mistake usually gets me up in arms. Seriously, if you're going to mention something in an episode, at least do the effing research.
Unless the writers deliberately put misinformation into the character's mouth. The characters might get details wrong because the sources are so old. Seriously, in Trek's 24th century, who is going to remember the "correct" order in which to cite the colors on a piece of cloth representing a country that doesn't exist anymore?
Who's going to remember it? A fucking android ought to.

You can believe that they did it on purpose if you want to, but this is a mistake, and not a deliberate one. As if Data would mention a flag and get it wrong. What would be the point, anyway?

I think it is a question of credibility. It's the kind of blunder that drags me out of the episode and reminds me of the fact that this is a show made by, uh.... people who are not European.

I know it's a little pedantic, but I do hate it when they fuck up the little things. I support suspension of disbelief, but it always annoys me when the historical details are wrong. Change history, by all means, but don't make it look like you don't know what you're on about.

If you can't be bothered to do the research, don't mention it. It'll make me happy, at least.

Like that woman who wrote 50 Shades of Grey and got all the Americanisms wrong. I didn't notice anything, but some American acquaintances pointed stuff out to me, and I understand why that pissed them off.
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