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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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Back to STVI. Chang was dead after the first torpedo hit. The bridge blew up, the ship was crippled and no threat. Yet Kirk and Sulu kept firing until the ship was destroyed - executing the rest of the crew needlessly.
We saw the bridge blow up and knew Chang was dead, Kirk and Sulu did not. They saw an explosion, could have been anywhere on the ship. Supposedly the tail pipe should have been hit which was the far end of the ship away from the bridge.
Except the ship was decloaked and crippled by that first shot. It made no further aggresive moves. They kept firing. Did they even attempt to board? Or scan? It wouldn't have been hard to tell where they'd hit.
no guarantee that the ship is crippled, all the audience sees is a fire infront of chang. kirk and sulu cant see that. plus, sulu specifically states "target that explosion and fire" why would he say that if we can now see the ship? when i view the scene i see the BoP becoming fully visible only after being hit a few more times by torpedoes.
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