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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

House of Cards, for example, could not be broadcast as is on network television - too much profanity, nudity, etc
The profanity and the nudity could have been edited out. The real reason why a show like that couldn't survive in broadcast is that it has a niche appeal, and can't get the 10M or so you need in order to survive (more on CBS, less on NBC).

Netflix has 25M subscribers in the US and I saw an stimate that 10% of subscribers watched HoC, sounds about right for what Netflix expected but that's just 2.5M viewers. Not acceptable for broadcast but on par with what a premium cable station would expect.

That's a reasonable level because each subscriber is worth more than an ad viewer or to put it a different way, if you want your individual tastes catered to, you have to be worth enough $$$ to make it worth someone's while.

And that's the calculation that governs Star Trek's future in a serialized, small screen format. Where are there viewers who can make a series worth someone's while? That's where the next series will appear.

I think Trek's traditional network-safe style will likely not appeal to the demographics that the streaming providers will be courting
So why does the next series need to be "network safe" if its not under the FCC's thumb? I'm not suggesting nudity or swearing (except in Klingon and Romulan of course), but more violence and disturbing material might be appropriate, space is a dangerous place.

And Netflix/Amazon are different from HBO/Showtime in that the latter have established a brand based on snob appeal and being anti-traditional TV (especially bland broadcast) while the former is embracing broadcast style as well as the more adult stuff. Netflix was considering reviving Jericho and Amazon is partnering with CBS on a series to be shown both places.

And that's why I don't expect the next series to be on premium cable, even though the numbers would add up just as they do on streaming. A franchise associated with free TV doesn't fit their brand image.

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