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...and this is a really pedantic one!, blame it on the study of linguistics... but why do they go to the trouble of thinking up "different"-looking names for non-human characters when nobody tells the actors how to pronounce them?
I thought the scripts had pronunciation guides. Perhaps I'm mistaken. I do recall the Vidiians were originally called the Vaphorans in the script, but it was redubbed because none of the actors could say "Vaphoran" the same way.

I'm thinking f'r [sic] instance of names likes Aamin Marritza being pronounced "Aymin" and Gul Darhe'el like a part of your foot, when any idiot should know that double-A equals ah, and an apostrophe separating two vowels indicates they're said separately (so two e's as in "ending" with a stop in between)...
"Any idiot"? Please, are insults necessary? Not everyone speaks English as a first language. In fact, most of the world doesn't.

And when I read a name like Skrain, I'd rhyme that with fine, not with rain... I mean they're not supposed to be English!
Odd. I'd say the "-rain" endings being the same would indicate that they'd be pronounced the same. Y'know, being an idiot and all. If it was supposed to be "Skr-ine", they could've spelled it "Skrine". But that's just idiot me.

...told you I was being pedantic. But does it ever annoy anyone besides me?
I'm annoyed that some writers try too hard and fall flat in their attempt, but no, in general it doesn't annoy me. You imagine trying to transliterate a radically alien language into English.
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