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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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I don't see it being cancelled, but I do wonder if BBC1 are no longer building it in as a tentpole of the schedule, which could end up with them dropping seasons altogether in favour of four or five specials to run at bank holidays as convenient.
That's possible and it may make sense in the short term, but I'm not sure how viable it would be over the long term from a production standpoint. The Writer's Tale indicates that RTD and Gardner had difficulty getting money for the Specials Year, partly because foreign broadcasters weren't interested in it.

Tha would be a problem.
I was thinking of it from the point of view of Danny Cohen, or whoever the BBC1 Controller happens to be.
What he wants is simple: three family drama series which he can schedule for 7/7.30pm from January, Easter and September, knowing they'll pull in a reliable five to eight million to hand over to whatever talent show he's running next, leading into the lottery and Casualty. Doctor Who, Merlin/Atlantis and something else would do just fine.
But with the Who delivery dates becoming so erratic, he's not getting that. The sensible thing for him to do then would be to go for Merlin/Atlantis, something else, and another something else, and just slot in Who specials at Christmas, Easter, May Day and the autumn season launch to provide an extra 'ooomph' to that night, as suits him.
Ultimately, the customer is always right. And he's the customer... or maybe the retailer would be the right word, with BBC Wales as the wholesaler, and us as the customers.
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