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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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I think it could work. I still see no reason why a rebooted FF couldn't play nicely within the First Class rebooted X-Men really.
I'd be happier if the FF and Spider-Man were licensed to the same movie studio, since those characters have a long history together, and Spidey's actually been a member of the FF (in one form or another) in recent years. So a crossover between them -- maybe a Future Foundation movie, or at least some good old-fashioned Spidey-Torch rivalry -- would be nice to see.

Or why they couldn't name drop from the Marvel Films and Sony.
Names are intellectual property. They couldn't name-drop without permission from the license-holder. Sure, a movie can refer to a character from another franchise as a fictional character -- for instance, Aunt May in Spider-Man 2 telling Peter "You're not Superman, you know" -- but if you're claiming that character actually exists as a real person in your movie's universe, then that's using the character as part of your story, however peripherally, and you need permission for that.

So as you say, it would be nice if the respective license-holders could work out a cooperative agreement so they could reference each other's films. But it's not something they can just casually do.
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